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Unigodspawn's News

Posted by Unigodspawn - August 2nd, 2021


Long time no post anything around here, but here's my annual update (lmao), this time I'm releasing a new single for a future project as Godspawn Reborn, but for now it's just a single song which probably will add some vocals at some point in time, who knows... However, you can check it right now here on NG!

ALSO! I you like, you can hear other stuff from my musical project, Godspawn Reborn, on Spotify! ;) Have a nice listening and hope you enjoy! #G'day! #GodspawnLovesYou



Posted by Unigodspawn - November 1st, 2020



Long time no post here but it's time to! Today, I formally released my EP titled 'Late Morning Coffee' which contains four songs and it's based on some lo-fi, folk, acoustic, ambient vibes with a lot of delay and reverb. This is a really personal project because these songs represent some heavy days I has gone through, and it's dedicated to everyone who might be feeling sad, melancholic or even has thought about suicide sometime.

Hope you can have a coffee and some listen on this and get calm for just a moment if you might need it. :) With all the good vibes I can reflect, you can listen these songs here on Newgrounds, on SoundCloud and even so on YouTube! So check my links and if you like, you can also download for free.

For more content you can check my linktree! linktr.ee/unigodspawn



Posted by Unigodspawn - May 20th, 2020

Pretty much aware by the fact that I've been Ernestogod in this place since the beginning, which makes me feel a little weird and kinda nostalgic for changing my username. **sniff** But right now I'm improving my personal brand! So I have to make everything fit. Unigodspawn is the fusion between two of my main projects right now which are Unigod, my brand as designer freelancer on Fiverr and Godspawn Reborn, which is my musical project.

For Godspawn Reborn you can find all my music here on Newgrounds or via Soundcloud if you wanna check some cool stuff! ;) But right now I'm trying to fit each account I have under the same username. Yes... I know that I've been less active each time these years but I gotta take back all those unfinished projects and improve my skills!


Posted by Unigodspawn - January 12th, 2019

It's been just a couple of weeks already since this year stated but this could be a great year to be quite more active around here again, I've been considering re-taking old projects I had pending to finish and probably start a new madness collab but I'm not pretty sure if there would be someone barely interested to join in, haha! However, let's see how every idea flows over the wave. Starting this year with MC11 was something I wasn't even expecting but that could be one of the strongest signals for me to move on again with new stuff around here.

If there's someone even alive over here who remembers me and check my stuff, I just wanted to share some of my most (barely) recent songs under my musical project Godspawn Reborn, this song is titled "Late Morning Coffee" which I released on SoundCloud last December, but yesterday I uploaded on YouTube so you can check here if you want:

You can also listen and download this song here on Newgrounds. I highly recommend if you are a coffee lover to get yourself a nice cup of coffee and relax listening this Lo-Fi chill ambient song. If you like it don't forget to subcribe and check my other stuff here on my blog... or just look around my NG profile!

Have a nice rainy day!


Posted by Unigodspawn - June 23rd, 2017

I can't believe I've been ten years here on Newgrounds. I was planing to upload this song for Madness Day but I'll figure out something else to do for that day. Madness Combat, really means something for me, it's something that I really appreciate since I had 14 years old and helped me, I had fun with it, gave me something to do which was animate (a thing in which I'm REALLY bad at and I accept it) but I had fun, and that means a lot.

Today I'd like to share another important thing for me which is music. I wanted to create a song that would sound as a clasical Madness theme, and a clasical song in the Audio Portal. And I think I got it pretty well, so... hope you enjoy this track! :)


You can listen this song right here:



Follow me on SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter and DeviantArt! Share this song if you liked it! :D



Posted by Unigodspawn - March 12th, 2017

I had pending uploading this album here on Newgrounds, I'm pretty sure most of you don't even give a single fcuk about my stuff but I still enjoy on making music and proyects, this one is my musical solo proyect called Godspawn Reborn this post it's about my last album called Our Last Days and you can listen it for free on SoundCloud, YouTube and now on Newgrounds. Also, download it from free on TwitterFacebook or just go right to this link:



* Info:

Size: 146 MB
Audio bitrate: 320 Kbps / Format: .mp3
Two Sides (Side A & B) / Total Songs: 18

· Setlist:

1. Anthem to the Extinction
2. Sweet Dreams
3. Shards of the Godspawn
4. Apasok
5. Come Alive
6. Remanencia Astral
7. Still...
8. Encephalic Transition
9. Amanecer Nocturno



Posted by Unigodspawn - December 20th, 2016

I really miss those days where I was uploading every little shit I made here on NG, but life keeps going on... I guess, however, far beyond than that, I'm focused on other things (studies, music, life in general I think...) and I need time to rework all my projects, beside that, I'll take this post to say over all the shitty situation going through my country and the world in general. Was a nice year, most of my goals for this year were accomplished, so, that's quite fine I think.

Now, I'll leave here my favorite work I made this year from my musical project called Godspawn Reborn, it's my last album called Our Last Days and you can listen it for free on SoundCloud & YouTube. Also, download it from free on Twitter, Facebook or just go right to this link:


* Info:

Size: 146 MB
Audio bitrate: 320 Kbps / Format: .mp3
Two Side (Side A & B) / Total Songs: 18

· Setlist:


1. Anthem to the Extinction
2. Sweet Dreams
3. Shards of the Godspawn
4. Apasok
5. Come Alive
6. Remanencia Astral
7. Still...
8. Encephalic Transition
9. Amanecer Nocturno


1. December Winds (Godspawn Remix)
2. Intergalactic Pirate (Godspawn Edit)
3. No Way Out (Godspawn Remix)
4. Opal Heart (ft. Qique Villar)
5. 113 (Godspawn Remix)
6. Tunz! (Krashhouse Remix)
7. ZITABATA (Godspawn Mix)
8. Japan Syndrome (Godspawn Mix)
9. Our Last Days



Posted by Unigodspawn - December 14th, 2015

Hi there! I'd like to take the this post to be the last of the year, I'm pretty sure that no one will read this actually but at least I've to write something before the year runs over! haha!

I've been really really busy and totally forgot about all those proyects I had some years ago when I was pro-active to this site, still missing those days and all that people I used to share with and planning collabs and some other ideas. But, as Garrosh Hellscream said: "Times change..." and proyects evolve into new ideas for the future. And one of those ideas (and I have to mention it) is Madness Latino. I'm not pretty sure if I'll keep that proyect as a Madness serie, but I won't definitely let it down. I'm considering pretty hard into a comic serie for ML, but we'll see...

Some other things I have to mention are my lastest submitions and proyects:


Kings of Hearts is just a lyric video I did work for a college class work, and Anthem to the Extinction is a single that will be the overture song for my next album as my musical proyect, Godspawn Reborn. So, please follow me on my other nets in Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud! ;)


Posted by Unigodspawn - September 23rd, 2015

Can't believe yesterday was Madness Day and once again I hadn't something prepared. I miss animating Madness, but... flash just got me bored so fuckin' hard. That doesn't mean that I forgot about my pending proyects as "Madness Latino"  but I found hard for me animating these days. Anyway! I want to say HI! and Happy Madness Day to all those creeps and bastards motherfuckers who have enjoyed this wonderful series all these years, thanks Krinkels for creating such sick piece of world as it's Madness Combat. :)

Stay mad, you fuckers! lml  (...old shitty image I've made few years ago)


Posted by Unigodspawn - April 25th, 2015


No puedo creer que tenga un año y medio sin publicar un post en Newgrounds, pero para regresar a la rutina y retomar la actividad en NG he decidio compartirles algo que subí hace unos días en mi cuenta en DeviantART, es un foto-poemario en PDF que realicé junto con mi amigo Daniel "Qique" Alvillar titulado: "Versos y Reencuentros."


“Encontrar la similitud de nuestro pensar, en la
improvisación o premeditación bien sea en algo
casual como una foto o un verso es la mejor manera
de auto-encontrarnos en la escencia de otros.”
—Ernesto Fernández.




Concepto: Ernesto Fernández & Daniel Alvillar.
Poemas: Daniel Alvillar.
Fotografías & Diseño: Ernesto Fernández.
© 2015.